Since 1993

Right Cleaning NC, LLC

We are an all-encompassing pressure washing company. We are able to handle pressure washing needs from typical house washing to food truck cleaning to waste container cleaning.

 When it comes to our mobile waste container cleaning unit we are able to come wherever our customers need us. We are able to service not only residential containers but also commercial size containers.

Right Cleaning coordinates with our customers to schedule the right time to conduct any pressure washing service, based on their personal and dumpster service schedule. For ease of service, our mobile unit comes to the customer's waste container instead of being without a container while the waste hauler has it.

Our professional team will pressure wash, scrub, and sanitize the interior of the waste container. After washing has been conducted, our team will vacuum out wastewater which will then be disposed of off-site.

Right Cleaning is the first of a kind service company in the Triangle area. We provide our services to help keep away rodents and insects, improve health conditions for customers and their clients, and to eliminate unsightly mess around businesses.

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