Valet Collection


About the Service 

Our valet waste collection is a door to door trash pickup service designed to make your residents' lives more convenient. In order to make your residents' lives easier, we will provide a trash receptacle that will sit outside each unit for our valet servicemen to pick up the waste and properly dispose of it in the onsite waste dumpster.

Why Valet Collection?

Our service will benefit everyone. The benefit for the apartment complex is that we can guarantee that all waste placed in the trash receptacles will be disposed of correctly. Lots of apartment complexes have issues with their residents not disposing of their waste and recycling the correct way. We will make sure that all trash is placed in the trash dumpster and all the recycling is placed in the recycling or cardboard dumpster. Most waste haulers do not accept trash bags in their recycling containers and as a result, the apartment complex may be fined.  We will make sure this does not happen to our clients.

We are also able to inform the complex if they need to reach out to their waste hauler to request additional hauls or even fewer hauls, which in the long run will help save money.

When it comes to the residents, they will benefit from our service by not having to lug bags of waste to the waste dumpster. When bags of waste break on the way to the dumpster they can cause lots of issues. The first issue is the mess it creates on your property. Most people do not clean up waste that comes from ripped bags. This causes your property to look unsightly unless you have the personnel there to clean the mess. This is a domino effect that then causes your employees to spend their time cleaning up messes rather than handling their primary duties. Also, if potential residents see your site in disarray, it can lead to loss of business.

If you believe this is something that will benefit your company, please request a free quote. We will make sure you and your residents are covered.