Differences in pressure washing companies

Finding the right service-based company can be one of the hardest things to decide on, especially in the pressure washing industry. One thing that most people believe is the most important aspects when deciding, is the price. There are a lot of pressure washing companies out there that will give you an extremely low price when it comes to washing your home. On the other side, there are a lot of pressure washing companies that will give you extremely high prices.

There are many reasons why this might be, however, I would like to give you a few. Companies that give you an extremely low price could possibly be new in the industry. Since they are new they do not quite know how to bid on certain projects yet and/or scared to bid to high thinking they may not get the business. Companies that give you the “$99” for up to 2500 sqft pricing also may not be fully insured. Since they are not fully insured they do not have the same operating cost as a company who is fully insured. When they do not have those cost they are able to give you the “$99” price, which may sound good, however, you have to think more about what could happen instead of thinking about the cheap and quick solution. Often time those cheap and quick solutions turn into long drawn out situation and you end up spending more money than you wanted.

When it comes to those companies that give you the extremely high price they also have good and bad reasons. Some companies out there will give you a high bid because they rather not take on your project because it seems minuscule to them when they compare it to other projects they have. When researching companies you may need to ask what type of projects they are working on at the moment. Also, a company’s availability can sometimes affect the pricing of projects. Being new to the industry could also result in high pricing. When a company is new to any industry it can be difficult to determine where to set their prices. So, you have to make sure you ask questions to find out how long they have been in business. Lastly, they could have high operating cost such as insurance, employees, brick and motor location, etc.

To sum this all up, you must do your research when looking for a service-based company. Know what questions you want to ask before you speak with the company. If you do not know what questions are pertinent, just have a normal conversation with the company and a lot of things you need to know will just come up. Make sure you are looking for companies who are able to meet and respond to your needs quickly, and who you believe your gut is telling you to go with.