Trash Tips

  1. Always wash hands after taking out the trash or recycle.
  2. Always tie the trash bag to ensure waste does not exit the bag.
  3. Always close trash container lid/doors to keep out rodents and insects.
  4. Never drag trash or recycling bag on the ground to help prevent the bag from opening.
  5. Make sure trash container has a lid.
  6. Clean indoor and outdoor waste containers periodically. (most likely on trash service day)
  7. Dispose of spoiled diapers and animal poop directly in the outdoor waste container to keep smells down.
  8. Label trash and recycling container to avoid confusion by family and guest.
  9. Use a diaper pail to dispose of dog waste.
  10. Keep a small plastic bag in your car to collect trash waste.
  11. Post trash service day on the container in case other family members can help.
  12. Spray outdoor waste container with bleach and water solution to keep away insects and rodents.